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You may have noticed changes in in recent days. Well now it’s official: 12.0 has gone live!

The site has gone through many changes in its look and feel since its launch in ۱۹۹۵. This time, however, the transformation is more fundamental. For the first time visitors have the power to self-publish. You can leave comments immediately on the site, have your own blog and submit articles more efficiently. Basically, you are no longer at my mercy to have your voice heard around here (do I hear "thank god"?!)

Finally, is catching up with the rest of the internet and will offer you the kinds of services you have long been expecting.

About a year and a half ago the cost of maintaining rose by $500 per month. That was enough to make me realize that I cannot go on as usual, which I would have, forever, publishing material manually on my own, unconcerned about the site’s gross technical deficiencies and financial mess.

Unable to pay the bills, I spoke to a good friend of mine and declared my unconditional surrender! I told him I am now ready to listen to his repeated advice and bring into the 21st century.

Within a few months, he attracted a group of Iranian and American investors in the San Francisco Bay Area and "Iranian, LLC" was formed. What you see today is in large part the result of their faith in the site’s mission and potential.

The total investment so far has been less than $100,000. So we are a very small company. But that’s the beauty of the internet. You can be small and do very big things. I remember when I wanted to start in my Manhattan studio, I spent only around $7,000 to buy a computer, scanner and modem with my mother’s credit card and I was all set.

Twelve years and more than 30,000 pages later, the site became way too large to manage and maintain on my own. I’ll give you a simple example that you can relate to: Readers would comment about something and it would take me weeks to include it in the Letters section. That, in this day and age, is totally unacceptable. Those who have put time, thought and energy into reacting to a piece don’t want to wait practically forever to see it published.

Now when you register, you can see your comments online immediately. You can start a blog and publish with a click of a button. How beautiful is that?

By Jahanshah Javid

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