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نشانه تظاهرات روز 19 مارس در لندن

Don’t let Iran become the next Iraq. March with Action Iran on the 19th and add your voice to those saying no to military intervention.

Attacks on Iran mean that ordinary Iranians could suffer the fate of their neighbours: Lack of food, electricity, water, jobs, security…  Ordinary Iranians who are making advances towards democracy need to have their efforts supported not frustrated.

While the US has officially given up the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the same arguments are being used with the same lack of evidence against Iran and its nuclear capabilities. Threats and rumours of attacks are antagonising diplomatic cooperation and further destabilising the region.

Join the biggest anti-war demonstration this year and support the people of Iran by marching with Action Iran at the Stop The War Coalition national demo on March 19th. We’re meeting at Midday on speaker’s corner in Hyde Park under the Action Iran banner. Or contact us on

March 19 in USA: Iranians For Peace

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استاد فلک دولتمند خال

به لایق شیرعلی خیلی علاقه داشت. در شعر مولوی غرق بود. به نازکی های زندگی مردم خود سخت آگاه بود. گرفتارش بود. میان جنگ و

افسانه هر ملیت یک دولت

صداهای قومیت‌گرایانه در ماه‌های اخیر بیشتر از همیشه شنیده می‌شود؛ صداهایی که رسانه‌ها و سیاست‌های معینی آن را بازتاب می‌دهند و طنین اغراق‌آمیزی به آن